Imtiaz Ali's Short Film 'The Other Way' Will Leave You With One Question: Why?

While Imtiaz Ali has given us gems like Highway and Jab We Met, he hasn’t shied away from experimenting with cinema. Tamasha, for example, wasn’t a commercial hit. But for a cinephile who is obsessed with variations of storytelling, the movie was an amazing attempt at stream of consciousness onscreen. He embraced surrealist cinema (think Alejandro Jodorowsky, but simplified) with aplomb, a feat not many dare to even try.

So when you hear Imtiaz Ali, your expectations from the movie are already pretty high. It’s safe to say that his short film ‘The Other Way’ doesn’t meet these expectations whatsoever. The movie revolves around a bride who steals a few moments of intimacy and engages in adultery. But if you were expecting more of a story, you’re going to be disappointed.

Rewa (Shreya Chaudhry) meets wedding photographer Arjun (Pavel Gulati) a day before her wedding and they hit it off. One thing leads to another (we assume because they don’t really tell us how it happens), they hookup in a forest. They’re seen chatting like childhood buddies as they discuss their fears. Ali, who doubles up as the narrator, describes what unfolds on the screen as the story constantly moves back and forth in a way reminiscent of Tamasha but a whole lot more confusing. The overly ambitious dialogues fail to leave a mark (or even make a point) and just end up sounding pretty dramatic just for the heck of it.

In the end, the movie is supposed to be about ‘freedom’ and how the bride fears she hasn’t done anything ballsy- which is why she dares to take one last step before taking the leap. By cheating on the day of her wedding. *insert meh emoji*

Refraining from a simple linear storyline and sprinking dialogues like ‘woh insaan hi kya jo waqt ke saath badal jaaye’ doesn’t result in a masterpiece. Real talk: A situation like this in real life is way more intricate, which Imtiaz failed to showcase.

Watch the movie right here: