House Targaryen Might Get An Origin Story In A Brand New Spinoff Series On HBO

Reportedly based on 'Fire & Blood', the teleplay for the pilot of the House Of Targaryen origin story will be written by Ryan Condal and George R R Martin.

The conclusion of Game of Thrones has left a giant void in TV programming, and it isn’t surprising that no other show has come even close to filling it. According to this report in The Hollywood Reporter, a deal is close to being inked on a show that will trace the origins of House Targaryen. The pilot (based on which the show will get a nod) is reported to be set 300 years before the the events of Game of Thrones.

Reportedly based on George R R Martin’s book, Fire & Blood, the teleplay for the pilot will be written by Ryan Condal (Colony) and GRRM himself. This isn’t the first GoT prequel to have been announced, there were reports earlier of Bryan Cogman being attached to an origin story around House Targaryen as well. Things never quite took off, around that show.

Apart from this, there are reports of four other prequels being developed around the GoT universe. David Benioff & D.B Weiss will be executive producers on all things related to GoT, but will not be actively involved with any of shows considering their departure from HBO for a significantly more lucrative deal with Netflix.

If the show’s faithful to the book, then it’s expected to begin with Aegon Targaryen, the creator of the Iron Throne. And slowly, recount their way to the ‘Mad King’, Daenerys, Viserys and Jon Snow. The IP rights of Game of Thrones have become increasingly valuable for HBO, considering how the show’s final season got a record 32 nominations at the Emmys, and is the most-watched original on HBO. The future of this universe depends on whether or not, the prequels can match up to the nerdy detail and brilliance of the flagship series.