Watch Wonder Woman and not Baywatch this weekend. Let these 5 points explain why

Priyanka Chopra's Baywatch and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be clashing at the Box Office in India. Which one should you pick for this weekend?

Baywatch was introduced to the West on May 25 however, the film, which is Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood debut, was scheduled for release in India on June 2. Owing to the minor change of plans, the film will now be clashing at the Box Office with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. At one hand we have a DCEU movie that’s already been receiving great reviews, and on the other, we have… well, Priyanka Chopra (’nuff said?). With both films having near-equal appeal, it might seem that we’re looking at a clash but, in fact, people’s choice is actually pretty clear.

Recently, a poll conducted by Bollywood Life has established people’s overwhelming interest in Baywatch. Over 70% of fans think it is more reasonable to put one’s faith in Baywatch over Wonder Woman. It is understandable that Baywatch has a very feel-good aura around it but, let us suggest an alternate approach. You skip Baywatch and go with Wonder Woman instead and here’s why that is a rational decision:

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1) It’s the first ever live-action Wonder Woman movie


As surprising as it may sound, Wonder Woman has literally never gotten a movie. While Superman has been appearing in movies since the dawn of cinema, Diana Prince has largely been ignored. Basically, we’ve gone through generations without mainstream media viewers ever truly getting to familiarise themselves with the epicness of the Amazon warrior.

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2) A kickass demi-God warrior-princess vs lifeguards

Wonder Woman, Baywatch, Dank Irrfan Meme

While Baywatch is just another cooked-up comedy with nothing besides humour and bad CGI fires to bank on, Wonder Woman outlines the origins of the superhero as she sets out into man’s world to help bring an end to a war and hopefully, to the God of War Ares as well. Let’s face it, you can’t top God-level fight scenes with slo-mo runs and fancy beaches.

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3) The “best DC film ever” deserves all your attention against a “lifeless” comedy

As much as we can speculate about which film is better, the first reviews speak for themselves. While Baywatch has received a unanimous “NOPE!” from critics (with some even calling it “lifeless” and “mechanical”), Wonder Woman has observed to not only be an awesome movie but, the best DC film yet.

4) We’ll probably die of a Priyanka Chopra overdose

Bollywood movies? She’s there. American TV shows? She’s there. International talk shows? Oh, she’s there! And now she’s in a Hollywood film as well. Seriously, this girl is inches away from world domination. Priyanka may be awesome and all but, honestly, we could use a break from her.

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On to the last and the most important reason to watch Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot! At first, fans were sceptical with the casting but after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was undeniable that no one could have played the role better. She’s goddamn perfection incarnate.

Convinced? You’re welcome.

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