Watch: Kristen Stewart's 'Personal Shopper' has all the tropes of a psychological thriller

'Personal Shopper' has Stewart communicating with her dead twin brother, or does she?

Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie ‘Personal Shopper’ seems like an edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller from the look of its official trailer released recently. Directed by Olivier Assayas, the French movie won him the award for Best Director when it was filmed at Cannes. The trailer sure looks promising and is here to mess with your head just the way a psychological thriller does.

The movie casts Stewart in the role of a personal shopper and strange things happen after her twin brother dies. Stewart begins receiving signs from her brother and Lewis visits the house where he died. She mentions an oath the two of them took promising that whoever died first would send the other messages from the afterlife. While her search for meaning to Lewis’ message is still in process, things get creepier when Stewart’s boss is murdered. She obviously gets taken into the ambit of investigation and finds herself a lot more lost than she previously was.

Stewart’s confusion and loss of psychological control become crystal clear when she asks Lewis whether it’s him or is it just her? Unlike most thrillers that employ crime and blood as central parts of the plot, this one concentrates on what goes on inside Stewart’s character’s head. After all, what’s a psychological thriller that doesn’t make the protagonist go slightly insane at some point in movie.

The movie hits theaters on March 10 this year. Watch the trailer and do tell us what you make of it.