Watch: Beauty and the Beast's official trailer is here and it's the princess doing all the saving

Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Beauty and the Beast is here to make you believe in all that love is capable of.

Talking teacups and friendly candle stands galore, the much-awaited Beauty and the Beast’s official trailer is here to take you away to the land of fairy tales. This tale is one that needs no introduction and has probably been a huge favourite among most of us. Playing out to Ariana Grande-John Legend’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast the trailer will have you glued to it and make you want to book tickets right away.

The movie sees Emma Watson as Belle and it’s a Disney Production that would have a remake of the title track in John Legend and Ariana Grande’s voice. Do we even need any more reasons to watch this?

For those who have been living under a huge rock out of their repulsion to fairy tales, here is a previous teaser with the same classic as the background score. This might just be the movie that will successfully bring you out from underneath that rock.

The trailer opens into the small village where Belle lives a peaceful life with her father and her books. All very pretty till the Beast enters and attacks her father. The movie follows, just like the tale did, Belle’s fight to keep her father safe and away from trouble. After all, wasn’t it this tale that taught us it cannot always be the Prince doing all the saving? Yes it was and allow this trailer to reinforce it.

Go ahead and enjoy Disney’s most-awaited trailer and do remember the movie releases worldwide on 17 March 2017.