Teen gets Ryan Reynolds' name tattooed on his butt, just for a 'like' from the star

In today's bizarre news, a teenager has gotten a tattoo of the name of Ryan Reynolds after the Deadpool actor liked his tweet.

We see people do crazy things every now and then but this is downright insane! A teenager has tattooed the name of Ryan Reynolds on his butt after the Hollywood actor (indirectly) asked him to get it done. The boy, who is named Dustin, even shared a photo of his tattoo on Twitter.

Earlier, the 18-year-old had tweeted at Reynolds saying, “@VancityReynolds if you like this I’ll tattoo your name on my butt.” Now, obviously, nobody took him seriously and perhaps that is why the Deadpool actor went ahead and liked the tweet. But, nobody expected him to hold up his end of the bargain. Surprisingly, he did and proudly paraded his butt tattoo on Twitter.

Dustin posted a photo of his butt-cheek which had Reynolds’ name written across it in red and black, the colours of Deadpool’s outfit.

What’s even more hilarious is that he chose the font Comic Sans for his tattoo.

Dustin’s little stunt went viral and reactions poured in from every nook and cranny of the internet. While some people were simply amazed at his dedication, others critiqued the action, calling him stupid for going to such extremes.

Dustin was keen enough to reply to the nay-sayers in a tweet which said, “people bitching about me being stupid since it’s permanent is getting annoying clearly i am aware of this or else i wouldn’t have done it.”