Priyanka Chopra can't keep her hands off of Jennifer Aniston (or Tequila) backstage at Oscars

Priyanka Chopra dragged in Jennifer Aniston to a quick backstage interview with Kelly Ripa and Chrissy Teigen at Oscars 2017

There are certain things we miss at the Oscars and then there are some other things that we shouldn’t miss. This is both of them. Fair warning, Priyanka Chopra fans who grew up watching Friends, prepare to lose your shit. While at Oscars 2017, Priyanka went backstage with Kelly Ripa and Chrissy Teigen where the trio dragged in Friends star Jennifer Aniston for a quick “interview” for Live with Kelly.

An excited Priyanka, along with American model Chrissy Teigen, wanted to step into the shoes of talk show host Kelly Ripa. For their little interview, which was a disaster, they roped in Aniston, who happened to be passing by. Both Jennifer and Priyanka really seemed to be hitting it off despite the latter’s awful interviewing skills.Priyanka Chopra Jennifer Aniston Oscars 2017 Backstage Tequila

After seeing Priyanka Chopra barely holding it together as the interviewer, Kelly remarked, “Hosting a talk show isn’t easy,” to which, Jennifer quipped, ” By the way, being interviewed on this talk show isn’t easy.” Perhaps Priyanka should just stick to being interviewed and not conduct them.

Priyanka Chopra Jennifer Aniston Oscars 2017 Backstage Tequila

Anyway, afterwards, Priyanka did what she does best- down a shot of tequila. Both Kelly and Priyanka took a shot after Jennifer left. “Go big or go home,” Ripa said while gulping the alcohol with ease. Interesting how Priyanka picked tequila over champagne, both of which were sitting majestically at the table next to her. This girl really can’t keep her hands off of some tequila can she?

Priyanka Chopra Ellen Show | YouTube Image For

Priyanka Chopra taking a tequila shot on The Ellen Show.

For those of you who don’t know, our little desi girl has a lot of history with tequila. At the last Oscars in 2016, she downed a shot at the Red Carpet. She did the same thing with Andy Zenor at the Emmys Red Carpet. Seeing her inclinations, Ellen Degeneres made her play the Drinko game where she ended up taking yet another shot.