Hollywood Announced A Movie On Thai Cave Rescue, Twitter Roasts Them Hard

Some thought it was insensitive and opportunistic on the part of a Hollywood producer, to announce a film only hours after what could have been a disaster

It’s barely been a day since the remarkable rescue of a Thai football team of 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in a flooded cave, and Hollywood has already announced a big screen adaptation of the story.

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The 18-day ordeal that claimed the life of a volunteer expert diver (Sgt Saman Kunan), was finally put to an end by four of Thailand’s Navy SEALs. As the whole world was riveted (and praying) for the boys safety, Hollywood’s Pure Flix Entertainment didn’t miss an opportunity to make his announcement, barely hours after the boys were reported to have been rescued.

Michael Scott, CEO of Pure Flix Entertainment, said it became ‘personal’ for him when he heard about Kunan’s death who happened to be his wife’s friend, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. He said the film would be ‘inspirational’ and a triumph of the human spirit.

However, some people on the Internet thought it was slightly insensitive and slightly opportunistic on the part of the Hollywood producer, to announce his film hours after what could have been a terrible disaster. They slammed the film industry for turning every other news item into a cash cow.

And they obviously didn’t mind saying it out loud:

If they’re going to drop a movie on this, let’s hope it is (at the very least) well made and not blatantly whitewashed/Americanised. No Hollywood, you’re not going to be let off the hook any more.