Happy Birthday Channing Tatum: 8 times the Step Up actor totally bowled us over

Happy Birthday, Channing Tatum!

His hotness can give anyone run for the money. His sense of humour can give you cramps in your belly. He can light fires with his sexy sultry moves and can melt our hearts with his ‘aww-dorable’ moments with wifey Jenna, Channing Tatum is seriously a blessing for mankind. The famous Magic Mike actor has swayed us off our feet many times and has left us yearning for more with his near perfect personality. So today on his birthday, we bring you Tatum’s best moments on and off-screen:

When he showed us his raw hotness in ‘Dear John’

Dear John established Tatum as the hottest and put him straight into the list of other hotties like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise, and Zac Effron. The way Tatum’s damp body moved in the movie had definitely left us on our guards since then.


When he showed the World that he can dance

Boy, Tatum can dance. And he can dance so perfectly that it’ll give you gasping for breath. This video of dance battle from the movie Step Up 2 is a proof of how beautifully the beast moves. Also, look out for that coordination. Daaang!

When he gets shirtless for no reason

Nobody can deny he’s a great star. He takes care of his fan base (Read: female fan base) and has given us a little treat from time to time. Thank you, Tatum!



The fact that he lived a secret life of a stripper

It’s not a hidden story that Tatum was a professional stripper before becoming an actor. This footage of young Tatum dancing to those beats and stripping definitely levels up the heat. Ugh, sweating already!


When he and his wife showed up as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for Halloween

Channing and Jenna dressed up as Belle and the beast from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”. To top that with another adorable moment is that they dressed their daughter Everly as the princess. Can it get cuter than that?


When he proved to be a perfect guest for Jimmy Fallon’s show

Tatum has now become a signature guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and they were on fire. Channing’s sense of humour combined with Fallon’s timing proved to be a perfect show for the viewers.

When he nailed the Lip Sync Battle with queen Bey

For starters, the thought of Channing Tatum with slay queen Beyonce is too much to handle. And when they came together for real, the result is this insanity Lip Sync Battle.


And the best moment of all…

When he proposed to his wife almost naked

Recently, Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed how Channing proposed to her. In a conversation with Ellen on her show, Jenna said

“So he comes down to my hotel room at two in the morning, and he’s banging on the door, and I’m like, ‘What is going on?’ And I go and open the door and he’s in a sombrero, he’s naked — no, sorry, he has underwear — underwear, sombrero, and Ugg boots, and he’s like, ‘Let’s do this.’”


Need any other proof why he is so perfect? Also, Happy Birthday Tatum. We love you!