Baywatch "boss" Dwayne Johnson reveals how Priyanka Chopra aced her Hollywood debut [Watch]

Baywatch star Dwayne Johnson talked about how Priyanka Chopra's inputs helped add on to her Hollywood debut in an interview with Rajeev Masand.

Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood debut Baywatch is already out in the West and while the first reviews may not be flattering, but nearly everyone has praised the cast for being the one thing to look out for the unimpressive reprisal of the 80s American TV series. From Baywatch‘s star Dwayne Johnson to the film’s antagonist Priyanka, the performances are commendable.

In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock spoke of his Baywatch co-star Priyanka in a laudatory manner. Describing her as “incredibly talented and ambitious”, Johnson spoke about how lucky they were to have stumbled upon an actress as potent as Priyanka. “The greatest of villains have the greatest capacity and quality and depth. And that’s exactly what Priyanka has,” Johnson said.

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Priyanka Chopra, Baywatch, Dwayne Johnson

Priyanka Chopra as Victoria Leeds in Baywatch.

While enlisting the challenges of having tailored the antagonist’s role for a woman, Johnson implicated that the character of Victoria Leeds was very demanding. Elaborating on the subject, Johnson said that it was imperative to find a woman who can “stand up against us (the ‘Avengers of the Beach’) in a viable way that audiences believe it but then also the flip side, the B-side is to bring a weight and a gravity.” He added, “Then, also, it’s to bring a sultriness and a sexiness.”

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Baywatch Movie | Image For

The cast of Baywatch.

Priyanka was not too shy on reciprocating the compliments either. She went on and on about how Johnson made her feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, i.e, Hollywood. She says that Johnson extensively follows her work, her interviews and would get back to her with commendations. “It’s really nice to have someone look out for you when you don’t know too many people,” she said.

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Here is the video:

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Starring Priyanka Chopra, Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Ilfenesh Hadera, and Kelly Rohrbach, Baywatch will release in India on June 2.

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