After Beauty and the Beast, these Disney cartoons should be next for a live-action remake

Bill Condon recreated the Disney magic with his live-action remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast and while it is everything we could have hoped for in a remake, we just can’t get enough of Disney. So, why stop at the tale of the Beauty and the Beast? Disney has a lot to offer and there are various other animated movies which are worthy of a live-action remake. And since films like Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Maleficent gained a lot of appreciation, it makes sense for Disney economically as well. Here are a some of the movies that Disney should really consider doing a remake of:

Sleeping Beauty
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The tale of Phillip and Aurora that seems to be as old as humanity itself. While the 2014 film Maleficent is based on the story, perhaps a redo wouldn’t hurt. And given how the Walt Disney produced film was released way back in 1959 so I guess it’s time to bring it back

The Little Mermaid
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While a live-action remake for this film is already underway, it is not a Disney feature film and seems quite different from animated movie. The story of this new Little Mermaid, played by Poppy Drayton, is only loosely based on the Disney film and is not exactly a reboot.

MulanMulan Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comThe tale of the brave, young Chinese girl who leaves her home to fight in a war is as inspirational as it gets. Having a live-action film based on her story would be like Disney having its very own Wonder Woman movie.

Pocahontas Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comPocahontas is another Disney film that deserves to have a remake (one that is not James Cameron’s Avatar). Set in the time when the Native Americans had some unwelcome visitors from across the ocean, Pocahontas is a beautiful tale of forbidden love.

The Lion King
The Lion King Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comThe good news with The Lion King is that our prayers have been answered with this one. Jon Favreau is already directing a live-action remake of the story of Simba. It is said that the remake will look quite similar to 2016 movie The Jungle Book.

Hercules Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comThe 2014 film which starred Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson on the Greek mythological character doesn’t count because it was not a Disney movie. The 1997 animated movie needs to have a proper reboot ASAP.

Tangled Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comArguably one of the best Disney movies out there, Tangled was a huge commercial success. The story of Rapunzel might be getting an animated TV series but Disney fans still have a live-action-remake-sized hole in our hearts.

Frozen Disney Movies | Image for InUth.comSince the movie is quite recent, we’ll excuse Disney if they take years to reboot this one but skipping it altogether better not be an option. While it didn’t exactly feature the first strong female princess, it did not feel compelled to end with a prince and princess “living happily ever after” which was ground-breaking.