A Still From John Wick 3 Has Already Forced Twitter To Rule It As 2019's Best Film

Baba Yaga is back, and this time he has a horse (and maybe a pencil too).

Baba Yaga (‘boogeyman’ in Russian) is all set to return, and this time he has a horse. Makers of John Wick 3 released a few behind-the-scene stills from the film’s ongoing shoot, and one in particular caught the eye of the Internet.

The picture sees Keanu Reeves (playing the role of the super-assassin) riding a horse and pointing a gun at a motorcycle rider (possibly one of the bad guys?). The simple of idea of combining genres by bringing a horse (seen in cowboy films) against a speeding motorcycle (South Korean action films) is what many seem to be admiring about the picture.

Image credit: BuzzFeed (Aris/BrosNYC/BACKGRID)

The franchise helmed by Chad Stahelski has built its whole reputation by showing extreme self-awareness, using popular genre tropes. And yet, they have also inverted the audience expectation at the right moment – keeping them hooked for the whole ride.

The John Wick films are a confluence of many genres including – Hong Kong action movies, martial arts movies, action adventures, and just the simple one-line story of an old-school ‘hero’ taking on the establishment.

Twitter is already losing its mind over the picture, with many testimonials already adjudging it the best film of the next year (based on this one still alone!)