7 statements Priyanka Chopra made on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that prove she is a chat-show rockstar

Priyanka Chopra has went on to become one of favorite guests of chat shows. She made a stunning appearance on Stephen Colbert's show and entertained all

Priyanka Chopra should be given the title of ‘The girl who rocks chat shows’. Now few would argue that this is a kind of overstatement, but we have facts to prove it. Whenever Priyanka graced shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and many of the same league, she stole the thunder from the hosts themselves, that too quite elegantly.

The appearance of Desi Girl on all these talks shows confirm two things. One, that she has become a huge star in the West and two, that she is a really fun person to talk to. On more than one occasions, Priyanka has proven that she can rise the entertainment quotient of any show just by being herself.

Staying true to this repertoire of hers, Priyanka nailed it when she came on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Dressed in a sexy black dress, Priyanka’s look was a perfect example of how simple and classy can be blended perfectly. She turned heads with her appearance on the show and her wit did the rest- made everyone clap for her loudly.

Not having any kind of inhibitions, Priyanka spoke with Stephen as if he was her bro. She stunned him with her answers. And we as he fans in India couldn’t be more proud.

Here are 7 statements Priyanka made that left audience clapping cheering for her:

  1. When Priyanka accepted of doing more films than Robert De Niro

Yeah. He hasn’t (done as much films as her). I work a lot.

2. When Priyanka spoke about the immense love Indian actors get

It’s really amazing. I don’t think any actor around the world… I will get into trouble for saying this…would understand love and affection we see and experience. You’ll see thousands of people, outside your home, waiting for you when your movies release. Around the world, whether I am in Canada, whether I am in New York, whether I am in London anywhere, you have so many people who come out with love, affection, and just like hugs, And, it’s really warm and infusing. It’s not really scary, if that’s what you’re thinking.

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3. When Priyanka was unapologetic honest about her accent:

Listen people think my accent is confused, that so am I. I am not sure anymore what is it. It’s a global accent.

4. When PeeCee said how the accent has become embarrassing now

I had a really American accent. I studied in New York as well, Flushing Queens. So, I had a New York accent. But I would be like, ‘Can I have some kwuaffee? My sistah, I am staying with my sistah

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5. When Priyanka said she disapproved of the word Bollywood:

Because I think around the world, the word Bollywood has been reduced to like a Zumba class. It is. You stop someone, you ask, ‘Hey! Do you know what Bollywood is?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, I just take a Bollywood class’. And, that’s all people say to me. See, Hollywood is a place. You can see it on a map. There’s no Bollywood. I’ve never seen a place called Bollywood. It’s Mumbai.

6. When she spoke about working with CIA agents

They (CIA) have such incredible stories like espionage and stuff.

7. When Priyanka said she was the bro in relationships:

I am a bro though, I am bro. That’s the kind of relationship I have with most people.

You can watch the video here: