Hey Ranveer Singh, We Get You're Hyped About 'Gully Boy' But Can You Calm Down A Bit?

Ranveer Singh jumped on an unassuming crowd while promoting Gully Boy and ended up injuring a few fans.

We love a hyper Ranveer Singh, truth be told. We do adore how he talks about wearing his Sindhi identity unabashedly on his sleeve as he teams his Gucci shirts with Gucci pants with Gucci belts with… you get the picture right?

But, for the love of all things awesomesauce in this world, can he tone things down just a smidge?

At a promotional event for his upcoming film Gully Boy, the man actually dived into an unassuming crowd after treating them to a rap session on stage. End result? A bunch of injured people lying on the floor clutching their poor heads.

He pulled off a similar antic at the music launch event of Gully Boy. He launched himself into the crowd, who then chased him to the exit. Fortunately, there were no reports of any injuries from this stunt.

But, that’s not all. Dressed less like the normcore gully boy he is playing in Zoya Akhtar’s next, and more like Kanye West’s desi cousin, he announced to another crowd, how the music needs to be so loud that “murde jaag jae” in a nearby hospital,

“You know there’s JJ Hospital nearby. Tonight, make as much noise as you can. It should bring dead bodies from the mortuary alive. I want the cops to turn up here. But don’t worry, I have good contacts in the police force. Coz I am Simmba,” Ranveer said, extraordinarily inappropriately.

Naturally people were pissed at such callous behaviour. It was strange, as it is, that a Bollywood film’s music launch was happening so close to a hospital. Ranveer’s weird attempts at subversive rapping was just the inappropriate cherry on the icing.

Several angry Twittteratis pointed out how this behaviour is just not cool and called him out on his irresponsible behaviour.

One person shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation he had with Ranveer, where he promised to be more careful next time. But, neither Ranveer nor Gully Boy’s team have released any official statements about the incidents so far.