Here's Why Gul Panag Chose To Keep Her 6-Month-Old Son Away From Social Media

"We’re learning as parents and I think we’ll continue to do so till we’re old and grey"

With all her travel, fitness and biking grams, one wouldn’t have guessed that actor and politician Gul Panag had had a baby. Before you head off to her Instagram page to spot that subtle baby bump, you should probably know that it isn’t a recent affair (although, it is a recent revelation).

Apparently, Gul Panag had a baby boy, Nihal, with her pilot husband Rishi Attari about six months ago. In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, the 39-year-old revealed that she kept it a secret as she wanted to “go through it without the distraction of public attention”.

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“Rishi and I have always valued our privacy,” she told the Mirror. “Family and close friends knew about Nihal but we refrained from posting anything on the social media. He is almost six months old and it has been a roller coaster ride! I’m charmed by his gurgles and giggles even if it is a bit of a struggle with erratic sleep and feeding schedules.”

Speaking about the trials of motherhood and how she has been stepping into the role, Panag said, “Nothing prepares you for a baby but I’m grateful to my cousin Simran who’s been like a fairy godmother and guided me. We’re learning as parents and I think we’ll continue to do so till we’re old and grey.”

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The actress told the Mirror that her son was born prematurely, which kept her from gaining too much weight. And since she kept at it with the workouts, you probably never noticed the difference.

Panag added that motherhood is a “significant step” and one needs to contemplate before stepping into the role. The actor signed off with some advice, saying, “Have children when you are ready to welcome them and can raise them happily and responsibly, not when society says you must.”