What was 'missing' in Farah Khan's party for Ed Sheeran, courtesy Sona Mohapatra

Ed Sheeran may have won hearts with his performance, but Sona Mohapatra noticed something about his visit that raises a very pertinent question.

When Ed Sheeran performed at the Jio Gardens this Sunday, he won millions of hearts with his beautiful voice. What impressed the audience most was the 26-year-old singer’s adorabe blue kurta! While Ed indulged in Indian delicacies, toured a lot of places and what not, the thing that broke the internet was him attending Farah Khan’s Bollywood bash.

She hosted a party to honor the award winning singer and had Bolly-town’s biggest names over:

While the celebs (including host Farah) painted their timelines red with their Ed Sheeran photo ops, Twitter noticed something was off. Ed looked plain awkward amongst all these celebs and Twitter users started pointing it out:

Some users apologized on India’s behalf, because Bollywood.

While all this was happening, Sona Mohapatra was quick to point out something that all of us agree with:

How is no one discussing the fact that Ed Sheeran was made to meet random Bollywood celebs but didn’t get to meet any singer, songwriter, musician or anyone remotely related to his industry?!

Some Twitter users reckoned she raised the question due to sheer jealousy:

While some agreed:

What do you think about Sona’s point of view? Tell us in the comments below!

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