Here Are The 8 Most Interesting Titles To Track On Streaming Services This Month

From Netflix's Bard of Blood to Amazon Prime's The Family Man, here are the 8 most interesting titles you should be tracking on a streaming website.

In case you’re still dealing with a backlog of shows/films on streaming services, we’re here to make matters worse. The month of September has brought with it fresh content, some of which is familiar while the rest of it is brand new.

Here are 8 of the most interesting titles (in our opinion) that you should definitely be tracking on a streaming website near you:

1. Bard of Blood – Netflix
The first product to be born out of the partnership between Netflix and Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, this action-packed spy thriller stars Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vineet Kumar Singh and Jaideep Ahlawat in major roles. Built primarily around an extraction operation in Balochistan, the show is an adaptation of Bilal Siddiqui’s book of the same name. Playing the character of RAW agent Kabir Anand, this Hashmi’s debut on Netflix. The show will begin streaming from September 27.

2. The Spy – Netflix
Hatufim (inspiration behind Homeland) creator Gideon Raff has joined hands with the enigmatic Sascha Baron Cohen to tell the story of a Mossad agent, Eli Cohen. The Spy follows Cohen’s story, where he infiltrated the higher echelons of Syrian military and politics, to provide counter-intelligence to Israel. It also investigates his struggle with how his dual identities begin to seep into each other. The show has been streaming since September 6.

3. Between Two Ferns: The Movie – Netflix
Zach Galfiniakis’s mock-talk show, that has seen guests ranging from Brad Pitt to Barack Obama, has now been turned into a film. In the film, Galfiniakis takes a cross-country road trip with his crew to interview the who’s who of American pop-culture. It remains to be seen if the feature version upholds the flat-out ludicrous fun of the original episodes. As the trailer suggests, we’re going to get special appearances from Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Dinklage, Brie Larson and Tiffany Haddish… among many others. The film will begin streaming on September 20.

4. Succession S02 – Hotstar
If you aren’t watching the unravelling of Logan Roy’s family in the ongoing second season of Succession, then what are you even doing! With the characters and the stakes clearly established in the show’s first season, the current season has only taken things to the next level with some terrific acting and delicious banter. Clearly this crazy rich American family, reportedly modelled on Rupert Murdoch, isn’t bothered with anything ‘unspeakable’ or ‘unthinkable’. Every night, you sit and compute the sum of your transactional relationships. What a tragedy! The second season has been streaming since August 11, with a new episode on every Monday morning.

5. Peaky Blinders S05 – Netflix
Steven Knight’s magnum opus about a British mob family, set in the immediate aftermath of World War I, is back with its fifth season. It continues to feature the sensational Cillian Murphy, playing Tommy Shelby (the boss of Peaky Blinders) with Annabelle Wallis as Grace Shelby, dodging the Chief Inspector from London (played by Sam Neill). Looking forward to another fine soundtrack and some memorable performances! All episodes of the show will stream from October 4.

6. Unbelievable – Netflix
A miniseries based around the twisted case of a teenager (Marie Adler) accused of having lied about rape, also stars (the world-class!) Toni Collette as a detective trying to unravel ‘the truth’. Even more important in a post #MeToo climate, the show has been heralded for its tight narrative and the gravitas it brings to survivors’ accounts. It should definitely be more nuanced than this week’s Bollywood release – Section 375. The show starts streaming on September 13.

7. The Family Man – Amazon Prime
After the commercial failure of Sidharth Malhotra-starrer The Gentleman, director-duo Raj & DK have turned showrunners, to tell a similar story for a streaming service. Starring Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role, the show follows him dealing the double life of a spy and a middle-class Indian family man. The show begins streaming on September 19.

8. American Factory – Netflix
Released in the long shadow of Sacred Games and Mindhunter S02, this Netflix documentary didn’t get the audience it deserved. However, the word-of-mouth in the last couple of weeks has created a bit of a buzz. Following a Chinese company’s factory in Dayton, Ohio, the documentary closely examines the lives of suburban factory workers. Most of them working from the time when the set-up used to be a Genera Motors plant, which shutdown because of the 2008 economic downturn. The documentary has been available for streaming since August 26.