Here Are All The Questions We Have After Watching The Game Of Thrones S08's Trailer

The eighth and the final season of Game Of Thrones will have only six episodes, and is scheduled to premiere in April on HBO.

It’s been seven seasons coming, but winter is finally here. If you remember the last visual of season 7, the wall has been decimated by the ice dragon. The Whitewalkers army will finally make their way towards Winterfell. And the intriguing new trailer for season 8 signals that they’re close.

Wrapped in reams of contractual obligations and more than one alternate climaxes, even the stars shooting for the eighth season of Game of Thrones aren’t sure about how it all goes down. In keeping with the makers’ secretive ways, the trailer doesn’t make the mistake of giving away any of the BIG moments of the season. Instead, it just indicates as to what await the Stark kids (Jon, Sansa and Arya) as they kneel to their dead parents.

The air freezes in the cave of Winterfell, the feather of a raven floats in the air… and the three kids see their own tombs. Will all three of them die? Where is Bran, who was on his way towards becoming the three-eyed Raven? Even if they successfully defeat the Night King, will they let Cersei sit on the Iron Throne? The Great Battle is upon us.

As a snippet from a Superbowl cut released by HBO revealed, Daenerys has made her way to Winterfell. Sansa has pledged her allegiance to Khaleesi. And like we saw at the end of Season 7, Daenerys and Jon get intimate around the same time Tyrion finds out that they might be aunt & nephew. How does this reveal affect their equation and Starks’ allegiance to the Targaryen queen?

Where do Melisandre, Varys and Theon Greyjoy fit into the larger scheme of things? Also, what about the massive crossbows bought by the Lannisters to shoot down the dragons? Will that be used against the ice dragon, Viserion?

The final season of Game Of Thrones will have only six episodes, and is scheduled to drop in April. So much to wrap up, such little time. This is the beginning of the end for GoT fans around the world.