Hansal Mehta Hints That Kangana Ranaut Is To Be Blamed For Manikarnika Producer's Ill Health. Bizarre Much?

Hansal Mehta has faced major backlash for blaming Kangana Ranaut for Manikarnika producer's ill health.

Controversies have followed around Kangana Ranaut from the very beginning of her Bollywood journey. In the past two years, things snowballed into mammoth proportions amidst her very public spat with alleged ex Hrithik Roshan and rumours of her “difficult” attitude on movie sets. Things soured between her and director Hansal Mehta before Simran even released, and it seems they’ve not sorted out their issues yet.

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Recently, as rumours of Manikarnika producer Kamal Jain’s paralytic stroke emerged in the media right ahead of the film’s release, in a bizarre step, Mehta tweeted empathising with Jain and low-key hinting that Ranaut was possibly the cause of it. While latest reports have trashed the rumours that Jain suffered from a stroke, stating he has a lung infection instead, Mehta has faced major backlash for blaming Ranaut.

Writer and editor Apurva Asrani, who famously fell out with his long time collaborator, Mehta over giving Ranaut writing credits for Simran, called Mehta out for “seeking mileage from a man’s illness”

When Mid-Day reached out to Ranaut, she also noted how weird the accusation sounded. She said, ““People who make such comments are unhappy themselves. While I was shooting Manikarnika, I got multiple stitches on my forehead and broke my leg. No one blamed my director [Krish] for it. So, how is my producer’s ill-health caused by me? In B-grade films, when there was a death in the family, the bahu was called manhoos. I feel for that bahu.”
When questioned about about Mehta, she retorted, “I don’t know what Hansal is trying to imply. It’s an incoherent narrative where one day, I am a charm to work with, and a few months later, I am not.”

Mehta has deleted the original tweet,