Give It Up For Priyanka Chopra, The First Indian Woman On Vogue US Cover

*claps gleefully*

In the second edition of fairytale Bollywood weddings this season, we’re hours away from the dreamy pictures from Priyanka Chopra’s palace wedding. We’re prepared to spend our weekend making googly eyes at their wedding photos but before we’re swept up in the frenzy, Priyanka fans have another reason to rejoice as she became the first Indian-born woman to feature on Vogue US.

The cover story, titled ‘When Priyanka Met Nick: A Love Story’ is the January issue of Vogue US, which details the couple’s relationship which is soon going to end in nuptials. The article begins with “First comes love, then comes marriage. Before Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tie the knot on Saturday, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at our January cover story.” It goes on to give fans what they have been waiting with bated breath to hear – tidbits of the Priyanka-Nick love story.

From the way Nick proposed in Crete, which was supposed to be a birthday trip for Priyanka to Nick impressing her family by reciting Sanskrit prayers and becoming the ‘national jiju’, the accounts are as genuinely exciting as they can be. We also now know that Nick is going to be the quintessential Indian dulha riding to the marriage venue on a horse.

In the interview, Priyanka goes on to explain how guests at the wedding would need to take “vacations after this wedding”. Priyanka told Vogue, “The three-day extravaganza promises to be over the top. “People will need vacations after this wedding,” Chopra says. It will be, in tone, not unlike Jonas’s description of the roka: “Two very different cultures and religious backgrounds, and the beauty of it was, there was so much love and acceptance for our side.”

“Nick’s mother thinks she was Indian in a past life,” Chopra adds. “She rocks a sari.”

Vogue’s cover is expected to hit the stands end of January. “Believe it or not, from what I know, @priyankachopra is the first Indian woman to grace the cover of American Vogue. This is long overdue, and so well deserved,” Zara Rahim, former director of communications, Vogue, also congratulated the actress on Twitter.