The Trailer Of 'Get Out' Director's Next Film Drops. Shut Up And Take Our Money Already

The Get Out director is pitting African-Americans against African-Americans in his new film, which also promises to have biting commentary on race.

Jordan Peele’s next film after Get Out is upon us. You remember Get Out right? The film that became popular because its RottenTomatoes rating wouldn’t fall below 100%. Even after more than a 100 people reviewed it from across the globe. Soon enough, the film found its solitary non-conformist and the number slipped to 99%. By then, the near-perfect number was beside the point. Already being described as an auteur for the distinct style in his first film, the world couldn’t wait to find out what Peele was making next.

Well, now we know. The film is called Us. And if the poster that featured a pair of bloody scissors was intriguing enough, the fans are losing their collective sanity after watching the trailer. Starring Winston Duke (more popular as M’Baku from Black Panther), Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o, and Elisabeth Moss, the film looks like another a horror film with a biting commentary on race.

Jordan Peele, who has been one half of the Comedy Central ‘viral duo’ Key & Peele, has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most exciting directors in the past two years. As the writer/director of Get Out, Peele became the first individual to win a Best Original Screenplay for their debut feature film. And in his next film, where he’s pitting the African-Americans against African-Americans… instead of the whole White vs Black thing like in his first film.

Knowing how meticulous Peele was with the unveiling of the Get Out trailer, one can hope that he will have an ace up his sleeve… in spite of having given away (what might be) the central conceit of Us.

As visible in the trailer of Us, Peele seems to be walking the delicate line of comedy/horror/social commentary – something that he aced in Get Out. Can he do it again? Jordan Peele has humongous shoes to fill (of his own debut feature film) and can Us at least match up in some respect? We’ll have to wait and watch. Can March, 2019 arrive alreadyyyy?

Watch the trailer of Us here: