From A Psychology Graduate To An Entrepreneur, How Simi Deol Built InstantBollywood

Simi’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do something out of the box but is too worried about whether or not they will succeed

In the current digital ecosystem where social media is king, InstantBollywood has been able to wear the crown when it comes to number of followers and reach on Instagram. With it’s 20 million plus user base spread across a number of channels, it is the most desired platform to go to for all kinds of promotional activities. Established in 2012, it became the first Bollywood based channel to reach 100k, 500k, 1 million, and 5 million on Instagram. After having been in the industry for 7 years, it is now the most trusted name in the business of advertising, marketing, and digital promotions. 

With an international audience that spans all corners of the globe, InstantBollywood ensures that they are operating at all hours of the day so that Bollywood fans can get their news as it happens. With a sharp team of writers, curators, editors, graphic designers, InstantBollywood delivers all the content in a presentable and interesting manner. The owner and founder Simi Deol instructs all her employees to follow a certain method which she has perfected by trial and error. 

She states, “While it may look simple, we have to sift through thousands of photojournalist pics to get the 20 that we post on our channels. So when you think about it , it is a lot of work. Also, what captions we need to write for what pics, how we need to word them so as not to offend anyone, any race, or any religion and of course the celebrities themselves. These are the kinds of things that we need to pay special attention to. Most of the time things are okay but we do have our hiccups.” 

Simi who is a Psychology graduate moved to India after her marriage in 2012 and began operations out of her home as a 1 man show in Chandigarh. After some recognition from the industry and when business began to pour in she employed more people and eventually even hired her software engineer husband as well. Simi believes that her success should be an example to all young entrepreneurs out there who are looking to do something different but can’t gather the courage to. 

Simi’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do something out of the box but is too worried about whether or not they will succeed. Simi says she had days like that when the future was uncertain and she didn’t know if all the work would be futile or if it would bear fruit. That’s why she insists that no matter what you must be persistent and keep on doing what you are doing and one day you shall reach your end goal.