Rohit Shetty's Sooryavanshi: Phatta Poster Nikla Akshay Kumar As Singham

The nation wants to know how excited Set Max is right now.

Simmba fever may not be over yet but Rohit Shetty is showing no signs of slowing down, or better, stopping. Shetty has already announced the release date of his next cop drama, yet another spin off of his blockbuster Singham franchise. And the Akshay Kumar starrer Singham 4, errr… Sooryavanshi is not even coming out this year!

There was a tiny glimpse of what the Kumar-starrer Shetty replica of a Shetty replica would be like at the end of Ranveer Singh’s Simmba. No points for guessing: Singham, Simmba, Sooryavanshi are same to same.

The only difference? Singham had his aata majhi satakli vibes going on while Simmba was all about the ala re ala mood. As for Kumar and Shetty, they are basically back with a never seen before avatar in a never seen before story playing a khatron ka khiladi who will strictly not be playing with any khatra whatsoever when it comes to the box office.

The film will be damaging eardrums with its masala on Eid, 2020. And the nation wants to know how excited Set Max is right now…. you know because of their obsession with the other Sooryavanshi, umm Sooryavansham. But here’s hoping Shetty is, at least, leaving all the heavy duty -isms behind in 2018.