Ex-AIB Comic's Non-Apology Over Sexual Harassment Allegations Is Making People Angry

Chakraborty has issued a string of apologies since Thursday but people are not happy with the inconsistency in his comments

Stand-up comic Utsav Chakraborty has almost been shunned by most in the stand-up comedy fraternity after sexual harassment allegations were levelled against him on Friday. Multiple women came out and shared their experience on Twitter, accusing the comedian of sending unsolicited pictures of genitals to women.

Comedy collective AIB, which has collaborated with Chakraborty for quite a few videos, has condemned Utsav’s alleged predatory behaviour with minor girls and has since de-listed videos featuring him on YouTube.

In a series of tweets since Thursday evening, Chakraborty put out a statement, that unfortunately did not contain the word ‘sorry’:

Chakraborty claimed his behaviour was a result of “one painkiller haze to another”.

What’s been most hopeful and refreshing to see is bigwigs in the stand-up comedy scene condemn Chakraborty’s behaviour almost immediately and support Mahima Kukreja and others who came out with their story. Writer and stand-up comedian Varun Grover also tweeted, “Shameful, creepy, ugly behaviour by a fellow comic (Utsav/@Wootsaw). More stories coming out, all because @AGirlOfHerWords decided to speak out. Indian Comedy, like every other industry, needs a #TimesUp.”

Abish Matthew tweeted, “Thank you @AGirlOfHerWords for braving it & bringing it out for everyone! Utsav’s behaviour is unacceptable & actions need to be taken for the same. I deeply feel sorry for everyone who went through this. Truly #TimesUp.”

Twitter personality, Mahima Kukreja, was the first to call out Chakraborty on Twitter on Friday.

Minutes, after she accused Utsav of sexual misconduct, Kukreja’s inbox, was flooded with messages and screenshots from other young girls and women who shared their stories with her.

This is what Kukreja posted on Friday:

Chakraborty’s string of apologies went on till Friday, but the inconsistency in his apology angered a lot of people.