Even Before Its Release, Captain Marvel Is Being Panned For Brie Larson's 'SJW Nonsense'

Brie Larson had earlier spoken about how her press days being 'overwhelmingly white male', which she corrected during Captain Marvel's promotions.

Captain Marvel is building up towards its worldwide release on March 8, but it seems like not everyone is looking forward to the film.  Captain Marvel seems to have upset some audience members, who are panning the film on Rotten Tomatoes even before having seen it. Actor Brie Larson, a staunch advocate for gender equality and inclusion, recently spoke about how she had recently begun to notice how her press days appeared to be ‘overwhelmingly white male’.

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This comment seems to have been misconstrued as to how Larson doesn’t care about ‘white males’ watching her film. Which has resulted in a barrage of ‘not interested’ responses being registered on Rotten Tomatoes with comments like “Tired of all this SJW nonsense” (SJW stands for social media justice warrior), “brie larson has already said this isn’t for me. i’ll spend my money elsewhere” and “search the lead actress Drew Doesn’t want us going as a white male I won’t go”.

Oscar-winner Larson is on the brink of worldwide stardom with Captain Marvel, and she recently walked the talk on her inclusion efforts when she handpicked Keah Brown as her interviewer for Marie Claire. Brown noted how few actors ‘take a chance on a disabled journalist’. Larson devised the plans for her inclusion effort by consulting a professor at USC Anneberg Inclusion Initiative, following through on her claims that she wants to use her celebrity status to ‘go out of her way to connect the dots’.

Captain Marvel is the MCU’s first female superhero film, and much like DCEU’s Wonder Woman, will prove to be a significant step towards storing balance in the superhero club comprising mostly men. And it’s gratifying to see Larson pulling her weight in the matters that she’s passionate about.

Larson issued a clarification for her ‘bias’ at the 2018 Crystal + Lucy Awards, where she noted the lack of representation among film critics – “Am I saying I hate white dudes? No, I’m not … [but if] you make the movie that is a love letter to women of colour, there is an insanely low chance a woman of colour will have a chance to see and review your movie.”

Even as the trolls continue to troll, it’s important to pay attention to what Brie Larson is saying. Also, can you even blame her for being mad at ‘white dudes’ especially after childish behaviour like this?

Directed by Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden, Captain Marvel opens in cinemas on March 8.