Eijaz Khan reveals why intelligent woman Ekta Kapoor keeps making 'regressive' content on TV

Eijaz Khan has said Ekta Kapoor is really smart but the content she creates on television is dumb because viewers enjoy seeing it and reject everything else

Eijaz Khan has been around in television industry for really long. Since his first serial Kahiin To Hoga which aired in 2006, Eijaz has been one of the constants in the biggest production house- Balaji Telefilms. Ask hum about the difference in the type of content Balaji gave earlier to now, and Eijaz says it is Ekta Kapoor’s call. He says it is quite easy to slam Ekta for showing regressive content but it is the audience who wants it and she is only catering to it.

Speaking to InUth, Eijaz said Ekta Kapoor knows her craft. He said, “The number one show for the last two years has been in Naagin. Ekta (Kapoor) is an intelligent woman. Do you think she doesn’t make progressive shows? I remember she made a show of four amazing women who traveled in a local train (Ladies Special) it didn’t work. She tried her best to do brilliant shows but the audience keeps dumbing it down.”

It is hard to argue with Eijaz Khan on this. He made a valid point when he said why intelligent TV fails to make a mark. He said neither the makers of the show are to be blamed for it, nor the actors. Eijaz pressed on the fact that if viewers want to see a woman turn into a fly, then that is what they will get.

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Giving his own example, Eijaz said, “For the past year, all the offers I got was I am a police officer in this life and a werewolf in the last life. And I say, why are you offering me this? But I have been told this sells.”

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Being clueless why this is the case with television, Eijaz said it is something no one can decode. He said, “Look at the films that work. There is an intelligent cinema that is accepted by viewers, but in the case of TV, the audience goes haywire. I don’t know why that is.”

Eijaz Khan is currently seen in Moh Moh Ke Dhaage show of Sony TV.