Deepika Padukone Did Something 'Normal' & The Internet Lost Its Mind. Really?!

Both the media and the audience need to put a larger price on their 'appreciation posts', the bar for 'winning the Internet' can definitely be higher.

Another day in Bollywood, another day on the Internet and just another day where the bar for ‘decent’ behaviour lies comfortably on the floor.


A video of Deepika Padukone entering the airport is going viral for exactly this: when entering through the gates, the security personnel asked for Padukone’s identification. And in the words of most publications carrying out stories about it – ‘what happened next will blow your mind’. Padukone took out her identification and showed it to the security personnel. Not a big deal, right? Wrong.


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Thy shall always obey rules #deepikapadukone

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Within a few hours the video was ‘viral’ and Deepika Padukone was being hailed as the beacon of ‘humility’. After all, Deepika Padukone followed the rules and didn’t throw a starry tantrum. She didn’t go around flashing Padmaavat’s Rs 500-crore box office or the ‘exclusive pictures’ of her wedding with fellow actor, Ranveer Singh, staring at the security personnel with a ‘how-dare-you’ look on her face.



What’s with the sensational headlines over something so trivial? Why is the bar so low for decency in Bollywood? Why do we expect our stars to be put on a pedestal for doing their job? This is not the first time that such a thing is being carried as a ‘story’ with an ‘interesting’ headline.

While some were surprised by Deepika Padukone’s large-heartedness, others didn’t quite get what the fuss was all about. Why is someone being ‘celebrated’ for their non-VIP behaviour? Isn’t that defeating the purpose of the very quality being exhibited by them. This is in no way comparable to Randeep Hooda helping out in drought-hit areas or Amitabh Bachchan paying off the debts for hundreds of farmers.

Stop making celebrities sound more magnanimous than they might be, both the media and the audience need to put a larger price on their ‘appreciation posts’. The bar for ‘winning the Internet’ can definitely be higher.