Deadpool Is Giving Away His Suit To Anyone Who'll Help Him Fight Cancer

Every time you think it’s impossible for Deadpool to get any cooler, he pulls something rad right outta his… err, kitty.

Ryan Reynolds showed off his brand spankin’ new pink Deadpool costume in a new video, auctioning off the adorable costume to raise money in the fight against cancer for the ‘F*ck Cancer’ cause through an Omaze campaign.

In the super witty campaign video, he urges people to donate anywhere from $10 to $5,000 to the cause for a chance at winning the pink Deadpool suit. He then goes on to describe the many utilities of the suit, including but not limited to-  adding it to your S&M collection or nailing it to a post in order to scare off birds, children and the elderly. Donations of over $1,000 and more include other movie memorabilia gifts such as a signed movie poster or a personalized voicemail message recorded by Ryan Reynolds in character.

Check out the adorable message right here:

A good cause plus Deadpool’s kickass sense of humor? Take my money! Seriously though, you should donate because f*ck Cancer.