Can The Paparazzi Stop Chasing (And Scaring) Star Kids, Already?

Hello friends. Photo mat lo.

It’s 2018, and star kids form a major component of the paparazzi’s work assignment. That in itself should tell you all there is to know about the rotten state of entertainment journalism in the country. Voyeurism does not journalism make, y’all. Ever thought about that.

In this video that’s gone viral, we see Sanjay Dutt’s twins, Iqra and Shahraan Dutt (7), returning after a birthday party. While walking to their car with their nanny, they are surrounded by the paparazzi. Scared at the hoard of flashing cameras and people surrounding them, Iqra buries her face into the nanny, and seems to be on the verge of tears. The flashbulbs continue clicking, however.

While we somewhat get the obsession around say Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor or even Suhana Khan considering they (apparently) eventually aim to come into showbiz, it’s the insane frenzy around the toddlers of B-Town that’s difficult to digest. In a post-Taimur world, baby-stalking seems to have become a legit photographer beat. Be it Kareena and Saif’s son, or Shahid and Meera’s daughter, Soha and Kunal’s daughter to Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram, we’ve had to deal to pictures of them playing, walking, laughing, going to playschool and birthday parties or holidaying with their parents. All a bit much, if you ask us.