Why stand up comic Zakir Khan is the man you should be crushing on

Zakir Khan is truly one of a kind. He is much more than a stand-up comic and here are all the reasons why girls should start crushing on him

If the name Zakir Khan doesn’t automatically bring a smile on your face, then chances are you are oblivious of his existence and his talent. So, before you start reading the article , you need to check out his stand-up gigs NOW! Or may be you can read it till the end to discover his brilliance and then head to his YouTube videos. Zakir is an absolute laugh riot. His friend and fellow comedian Tanmay Bhat said in an interview that Zakir was the best stand up comedian in India currently. The fan following which Zakir enjoys definitely confirms that Tanmay is right.

In his Amazon special show called Haq Se Single, Zakir made fun of himself, his looks, and spoke about the problems he faced in a relationship. Though the entire auditorium broke into laughs and claps on each of his jokes on singledom, I’m here to make a case for why Zakir is the most datable guy around. I wouldn’t mind going out on a date with him, in fact, on a second or a third date for that matter.

Here goes his eligibility list.

Zakir’s poems:

His ardent followers would know, Zakir is not only an extremely talented comedian but also writes heart-wrenching poems. He graced the Jashn-e-Rekhta event this year and the recitation of his poem on heartbreak had gone viral. In his stand up special, he used his poems and couplets as fillers and those were the most beautiful moments of the show. A look at his social media accounts and one would understand how deep his love is for verse. Sample this:

Now, who wouldn’t fall for someone who has the heart of a poet?

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Zakir’s struggles:

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The 30-year-old Zakir is a perfect example of someone who left a comfortable job to pursue his passion. Belonging from a family of musicians, Zakir did not choose music as his profession. He was trained as a sitar maestro but chose to come to Delhi looking for a job of a radio producer. He did a radio programming course at ARSL, and then went to live in Jaipur and later took up a job in HT Radio. But the journey was not easy. Once in Jaipur, Zakir did not have money to pay his rent but the landlord turned out to be kind and wrote it off and asked if he needed money to go back home. In the following years, Zakir survived on his Sitar playing skills and then moved to Mumbai after spending enough time in Delhi. In an interview to a portal, Zakir had said:

I have been writing jokes ever since I was a kid. Jokes in essence of course. I began life in a boys school so I  have a near unlimited stock of tales that could make people roll on the floor, it was only a matter of bringing them out in the right way

Considering the amount of struggle he has gone through, Zakir is the kind of man who would never take any girl for granted. He knows the value of hard earned efforts.

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Zakir is inspiring!:

During an appearance on Son of Abish Season 2, Zakir stressed the importance of pursuing a passion that goes beyond the mundane. He had stated that it was important for people to not get stuck in a cobweb of job and studies. Someone so passionate about his work would definitely help uplift the mundane life of the one he is in a relationship. Life becomes very easy if your boyfriend can give you that pep talk you badly need when you are struggling with life goals. And Zakir seems like the man who would definitely do something like that for his ladylove. <3

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Zakir’s understanding of relations:

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From not being on talking terms with his father as a teenager to inviting him on his show and making jokes about him, Zakir’s relationship with his father has come a long way. A video in which he spoke about his troubled relationship with his father, had gone viral. Towards the end of it, Zakir quite simply explained why a father-son bond, despite having a certain coldness, is the best one. Not many have the guts to talk about complicated relationships in a simple manner and make peace with past grudges and correct their immature teenage way of seeing the world.

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Zakir’s sense of humor:

Well, this is really is a no-brainer. Which girl wouldn’t like her man to possess a sense of humor?

Check these out:

And finally. He is kind of cute looking too. Isn’t he?

Move over Bollywood actors! Girls, Zakir Khan is the man you should love!