When Sonam Kapoor spoke about being a self-made fashionista and buying her first designer item

Throwback: When 'fashionista' Sonam Kapoor talked about the 'first designer thing' she bought for herself

She is a fashionista, one of the leading faces in Bollywood today and is known for being outspoken in the industry. Sonam Kapoor never shies away from speaking her mind even when the topic she speaks on is controversial or highly debated. Though seemingly vibrant and innocuous, the actress had time and again shown that she is opinionated and has shades to her personality.

In one of her old interviews with yesteryear actress Simi Garewal, Sonam talked about days before she got introduced to stardom when she was just a self-righteous teenager trying to survive on her own. Though most star kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, Sonam revealed in the interview that she wasn’t brought up according to the lavish standards. She said,

Even though I was studying in Singapore, I was very conscious of earning money on my own. So, while my friends had all the credit cards and they were going to shop around, I was busy saving pieces of bread from my lunch so that I can eat that part for dinner later. I started working at 18. I haven’t taken a cue from my parents since I was 18 years old. I worked as a waitress in Singapore and got fired in four days.

Sonam not only talked about her career but also mentioned how her relationship with branded clothes and fashion developed out of her own will and not because her parents ever offered or gifted her those expensive dresses. She elaborated,

I don’t need a man to provide for myself. My dad hasn’t paid for any outfit. Besides the fact that I live in his house, my dad has never bought me any designer thing in my entire life. My mom and dad never buy me any designer things. The first designer bag I had was bought by myself. I was in London and had just finished Saawariya. I had done some ramp walk and got money and I bought the first designer thing for myself from that money. My parents never gave me a car. I bought my first car myself. I pay my bills. My parents are very particular about that.

Watch the entire interview here:

Sonam’s self-righteousness and her standing up for herself can also be seen in her movie choices, be it Neerja, Aisha or Dolly Ki Doli. This was probably one of the best interviews Sonam has ever given.