When Ali Zafar Went Full Tone-Deaf Against Meesha Shafi's #MeToo Allegations

During the course of this 44-minute interview, Ali Zafar didn't miss many chances to mock the allegations and the women behind them.

It’s been a little over a year since Pakistani singer/actor Meesha Shafi alleged sexual misconduct against fellow musician/actor, Ali Zafar. At the time, Zafar categorically denied the allegations and stated that he would wait for the legal procedure to take its course. And though the case still awaits a conclusive judgement, Zafar went ahead and participated in a TV interview. During the course of this 44-minute interview, Zafar didn’t miss many chance to mock the allegations and the women behind them.

Accompanied by his wife Ayesha Fazli, Zafar presented a few disdainful arguments like – he requested the anchor to speak to his Bollywood colleagues like Katrina Kaif, Taapsee Pannu, Aditi Rao Hyadri and ask them about his ‘past’. Which doesn’t hold because Zafar could still be a first-time offender. Ayesha Fazli went on to state that Zafar always had an ‘opportunity’ with significantly more famous/good-looking women, then why would he choose these ‘bloggers’. Fazli completely misses the point of power dynamics in a case of sexual misconduct.

Zafar goes completely tone-deaf by enacting the role of a ‘helpless victim’ in order to ‘portray’ Meesha Shafi. He says she is embroiled with other legal hassles concerning her cousin and her in-laws, implying exactly what? All this while, the show’s host Mubashir Lucman keeps insisting that there should be a movement called #MenToo.

Twitter is split with its loyalties towards both Zafar and Shafi, after both parties claimed to be harassed by ‘fake profiles’.

Meesha Shafi had previously alleged that Ali Zafar had misbehaved with her on three separate occasions – during a jamming session, at a family gathering in his home and during one more instance in Zafar’s in-laws’ home.

Zafar has every right to defend himself in the public domain, but the manner in which he chose to do it during the course of this TV interview was appalling and bereft of any grace. During an ‘impromptu’ performance at the end of the interview, Zafar takes one final dig at his alleged victim by saying her name in the middle of a song. And then both the accused Zafar and host Lucman burst into laughter.

Is there anyone we know who won’t disappoint?

You can watch the whole interview here: