What Aamir Khan says about being Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood proves why he can be the only one

At the Secret Superstar song launch event, Aamir Khan revealed why he thinks he is NOT the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood

Aamir Khan is the only actor in the industry whose name brings a lot of credibility to a film especially in terms of good content. The superstar has time and again delivered films that are not just blockbusters, but also have a good narrative. His whole and total investment in the film has led many to adorn him with the title of ‘Mr Perfectionist’ of Bollywood. However, Aamir Khan believes that there is nothing called ‘perfection’ in the creative field as everything has a scope for improvement.

When asked to talk about his ‘perfectionist’ tag, the actor said,

“There is nothing called perfection in the creative field. Every creative person has a vision and we just follow that. We make an attempt to be as perfect as possible. I believe that a lot lies in detailing and we should keep working to make the film as perfect as possible..”

Secret Superstar director, Advait Chandan, who was Aamir Khan’s manager said that what makes Khan a perfectionist is his passion for cinema. Talking about Aamir Khan, Chandan said,

“I have worked so much with him and I keep thinking about it. I don’t think he is a perfectionist, but he is just way more hard-working than others. Whenever I am working with him on something, I often reach a point where I feel, ‘Bus Theek Hai, Ab Hogaya’ but he keeps on working on that thing for another two weeks. Others in the industry stop at some point of time, but he keeps going and I think that’s the thing that makes him Mr Perfectionist.”

Team Secret Superstar launched the first song, Main Kaun Hoon from the album at an event in Mumbai today. Composed by Amit Trivedi, the song marks the singing debut of 16-year-old girl, Meghna.

Secret Superstar is slated to hit the big screen this Diwali.