Watch: What did Kattappa say when asked about killing Baahubali? Actor Sathyaraj reveals it all

Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali is a question that has haunted cine lovers for more than a year now. The answer would be revealed on 28 April

Without a shred of doubt, the sequel of Baahubali is being awaited by cine lovers all over the country with bated breath. The magnum opus directed by SS Rajamouli has been in news for years now but little does anyone know about the hard work the team put in to make it possible. A new video from the sets of the film has been released which gives a sneak peek into the world of Baahubali.

Renowned film critic Anupama Chopra went on the sets of Baahubali and spoke to members of the team including Rajamouli, Sathyaraj (who played Kattappa) and Prabhas to understand the magnum opus better.

Quite obviously, Anupama asked Sathyaraj the question that has haunted cine buffs for more than a year now- Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? To this Sathyaraj laughed and said he did so because the director asked him to. The acclaimed actor then went on to add that he has been asked this question an infinite number of times. And he gave the same answer. When Anupama asked Sathyaraj if he ever got annoyed with the same question, the actor answered in the negative. Sathyaraj said he thought the character would be popular but hadn’t deciphered the extent of the popularity. He chuckled how Kattappa killing Baahubali was blamed for everything including demonetisation.

Anupama Chopra also spoke to Prabhas and asked if he ever got tired of playing Baahubali. To this, the actor replied he knew the film was the biggest project of India so there was no scope of getting bored. Heaping praises on SS Rajamouli, Prabhas said the director ensured the excitement in the team never faded away. Prabhas revealed he was thinking to take up another project in a six-month break he had but later decided against it.


Baahubali 2
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The captain of the ship of Baahubali- SS Rajamouli said he obviously had high hopes for the film. He revealed post the film’s release, he would go on a vacation.

The film is slated for a release on 28 April.