Watch: This throwback interview of Vinod Khanna with Simi Garewal tells that there was more to the actor than just his films

Veteran actor Vinod Khanna dies at the age of 70 after battling cancer for a longer period of time. He was admitted to Mumbai’s HN Reliance Hospital

The world woke up to the shocking news of Vinod Khanna’s death. The veteran actor who was battling from gall bladder cancer passed away at the age of 70. A couple of days ago, the actor was in news for a picture that went viral on social media depicting his deteriorating condition in the hospital. It was then that his son Rahul Khanna spoke about how the actor is recovering well. The legend’s demise has taken us back to his candid detailed interview that the actor gave to Bollywood actress Simi Garewal. The heartfelt conversation that the actor had with the host has made us all nostalgic. In the interview, he came along with his wife Kavita and talked about his struggles, spirituality and what he cherishes the most.

His long career span of 45 years has been a starry affair. And there are too many things that the actor has spoken about in the past. But these are the few things that the actor said that indicated that there was more to Vinod Khanna than just his stardom:

Vinod Khanna IANS photo for InUth,com

Vinod Khanna (Courtesy: IANS)

On politics:

“This country now needs a change in policies and government. People like us who discuss politics in the sitting rooms have to come out forward and work for the nation.”

On why did he join Osho:

“My own mind. My mind was very hyper. My thoughts were all over the place. I was very angry. I had reached a saturation point. I used to see that when I meditated, these things did not use to effect me at all. Only when you become the master of your own mind, I decided to give my full time to it. There was a need within me. I was very much in touch with my family.”

On his marriage with Kavita:

“I realised that you can’t go on like this forever. You’re either going to say that you want to get married or you stop this relationship. You can’t keep her hanging. I must do that. It came from my heart.”

On being a father:

“What children need the most is love and I pour love onto them.”

For more insight on his life, here is the complete interview below:

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