Watch: Security guard singing 'Khamoshiyan' will give Arijit Singh a run for his money

Shauwik's version of Khamoshiyan title track is a bang on!

Move over Arijit Singh’s title track of Khamoshiyan and listen to this Kolkata resident Shauwik singing the same song. You will be left speechless! They say talent has no age, class, caste or for that matter even profession and this is exactly what happened in the case of Shauwik who works as a security guard.

His video has taken social media by storm. Within hours of publishing, it has been shared over 37k times! His voice could give Arijit Singh a tough competition undoubtedly. The video was made and shared by another resident, Adarsh Singh who is one of the first people to recognise the talent of this young man.

Shauwik’s video has already garnered an appreciation among the audience. Some of them are also asking the young security guard to go for a music show audition. In the video, at first Shauwik looks a bit hesitant but once he starts singing, his mesmerising voice does the talking. He sings the full song without any hesitation and gives a classic example of his hidden talent.

Surely, India is full of talented people who have enormous potential to shine out and Shauwik as a budding singer is a classic example.