Watch: In Raees' latest promo, Shah Rukh Khan warns to not call him battery

Shah Rukh Khan released a new promo of his upcoming movie Raees that shows his aggression and angry side when someone calls him battery

Shah Rukh Khan is raising the anticipation around his upcoming movie Raees by doing a lot of things. One of those is by releasing dialogues of the film that have been making the wait for the movie unbearable. Only a few days ago, a clip in which SRK mouths the words- Baniye Ka Dimag, Miyanbhai Ki Daring was released. And now a fresh clip has been made available on the Internet.

The clip shows how everyone addresses Shah Rukh as battery and it miffs him. It is towards the end of the clip that an angry Shah Rukh warns to not call him battery. His aggression in the clip will clear all doubts in your mind about the casting of Shah Rukh as the bootlegger.

Not only SRK’s aggression, the clip also showed the most-loved scene from the trailer in which Mahira Khan called him battery. Speaking about how it was working with Shah Rukh, Mahira in an interview said she got cold feet. She admitted to being a fan of the superstar and came fully prepared to impress him as an actress. But when Mahira saw SRK, she forgot all her lines.

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Now that the movie is nearing release, Mahira said that she is fluctuating with all kinds of emotions.

In this Rahul Dholakia directorial, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a bootlegger. Telling why SRK was cast in the movie, Rahul said in an interview:

SRK was so hooked to the story that he wanted to know the end. That’s when he told us he will be doing the film. He believed no one else could play Raees (his character in the film) better than him. Once he wears the pathani, surma and chashma, he transforms into Raees.