Watch: Dangal or no Dangal, youth welcomes the rise of women wrestling

Dangal is releasing on 23 December. But, how well does our youth know the field of women wrestling? We asked them a few questions and got these answers

With Dangal slated to hit the screens on 23 December, team InUth went on the streets of Delhi to ask youngsters certain questions based on women wrestling. Ask what comes to their mind when they think of wrestling, pat comes the reply — Sultan, Salman Khan and Sushil Kumar. Funnily, some people also came up with an answer like Vijender Singh. (Fact Check: Vijender is a boxer and not a wrestler!)

However, when we asked them about women wrestling, the answers were pure gold. Many of them even had to think if there actually are female wrestlers? And ‘oh, are you not talking about Dangal?’ Only a few of them knew that Sakshi Malik is actually a female wrestler. (Thank God! This year’s Olympic medal helped her to gain recognition). Though they argued that female wrestling should be encouraged, they also mentioned that taking part in wrestling may affect girls’ ‘marital life’ at the same time. But gladly, they also argued that coming out as a female wrestler is a rebellious act and also arouses the feeling of proud and glory.

Team InUth also asked students if careers should be decided in accordance with one’s gender? And the youth today believes that we are living in the 21st century, therefore, a mindset like this doesn’t need to be in vogue. These young faces told us that they seek equality even in career choices. But, does a physical transformation in a woman’s body also one of the reasons why most women fear going in the ring? Youth says yes.

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