Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan died on the same day. Here's the story about the chemistry!

Apart from their onscreen friendship in the film, Qurbani, Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna’s effortless ‘Marlboro Men’ chemistry ruled the movie!

Ishwar ka doosra naam dosti hai! This iconic dialogue from an all-time entertainer Qurbani, which was released 33 years ago, stands true even today. The veteran actor who died today now shares his death anniversary with the legendary actor Feroz Khan who died on the same day eight years ago, i.e. April 27, 2009. The two stars left us forever on the same day.

Though the film, which seems like a love triangle at first, was essentially a tale of friendship and the sacrifices made by Feroz Khan’s Rajesh to protect his chum, Amar, which was played by Vinod Khanna, eventually to be reciprocated with greater fervor.

However, apart from their onscreen friendship in the film, Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna’s effortless ‘Marlboro Men’ chemistry ruled the movie and even gave a tough competition to Zeenat Aman’s oomph factor.

Qurbani was not the only film where they two left their mark. They worked together in two more movies, Dayavan, which was released eight years after Qurbani in 1988 after Vinod Khanna returned back from his exile. They also appeared together in Shankar Shambhu, which though was released in 1976, i.e. four year before Qurbani, failed to create the magic that Qurbani did.

The camera’s favourite boy and the star with the trademark cleft chin looked like a dream and walked away with all the sympathy votes in Qurbani as he did today.

Rest in Peace. You’ll always be missed, sir!