Vidya Balan thinks having a pregnancy clause in actresses' contract is 'practical and fair'

Vidya Balan in an interview to a leading daily spoke in detail about women empowerment, the films she did and how her choices defined her

Vidya Balan is one of the actresses who has been quite vocal about women empowerment and has set an example for the same through her films. By taking up unconventional roles in her career, Vidya has time and again proved she is in Bollywood to forge her new paths, rather than following the said ones. Though she has been one of the torchbearers of women empowerment in Bollywood, Vidya feels she is only concerned about empowering herself.

In a candid interview to, Vidya said she is not in Bollywood to champion the cause of women empowerment. She told her primary objective is to entertain and if in the process she inspires someone, then it is well and good. Vidya added she took up roles which empowered her. However, she was quick to add, she didn’t shy away from feminism but believed change had to happen on a personal level.

Married to Sidharth Roy Kapur for a few years now, Vidya said the questions keep pouring in about having kids. On being questioned if she would agree to a pregnancy clause, Vidya said she isn’t against the idea. She accepted of being open to all kinds of body types but added that post pregnancy one doesn’t know the changes the body would go through. Vidya said it was practical and fair to tell people involved with the project, or else it would be unprofessional.

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Vidya added she wasn’t in favour of dealing with pressure to look a certain way during pregnancy. She said, in this case, signing a contract seemed a nice idea.

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Vidya Balan (Courtesy: IANS)

Stressing on the fact, that she is inclusive of all body types Vidya said pregnancy is an investment of time, money and energy and out of respect for the people working in the film, she would sign a contract. However, Vidya added in a jest that not only actresses, a clause should be added in contract’s of actors as well to ensure they don’t go out of shape.

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The actress will be seen next in Begum Jaan, in which she plays the role of a brothel owner. The first look of the movie which was unveiled a few days ago intrigued cine buffs.