Vidya Balan doesn't just dance, but celebrates life in Tumhari Sulu's Hawa Hawai song

But, when does Vidya Balan not impress on screen?

Seems like ‘versatile’ is Vidya Balan’s middle name. She aces her game with every movie she does. From doing commercial movies like Heyy Babyy to portraying bold and intense characters in The Dirty Picture and Begum Jaan, she has come a long way in Bollywood. Meanwhile, she kept earning praises from all corners of the industry for her diverse craft. And now, she can be seen flaunting a chirpy, happy self in the new song from her upcoming Tumhari Sulu. The film features a revamped version of Hawa Hawai, the popular song featuring Sridevi and Anil Kapoor from the 1987 film, Mr India.

There’s nothing special about the music in the song as not much has really been added except for a few additional beats. Though what makes the song look interesting is Vidya Balan’s dance. It’s rare to see her doing a full-fledged dance on screen.

The last time our jaws dropped was when she danced in the sensuous song Ooh La La from The Dirty Picture:

Before that, our eyes popped seeing her show some classical dance moves in Bhool Bhullaiya‘s Aami Je Tomar:

Her Lavani performance in a song from Ferrari Ki Sawaari also garnered praise:

Most of Vidya’s films are remembered for her splendid acting prowess. However, Tumhari Sulu seems like a different ball game altogether. The Hawa Hawai song in the film beautifully depicts the vivaciousness of Vidya’s fun-loving character, embracing a mood of celebration and exuding positive vibes. A saree-clad Vidya dancing happily on the song is a treat to watch and one just can’t take eyes away from her. What is also striking about the dance number is how despite it being a revamp of the original, the makers didn’t attempt to make it a new song, rather kept the essence of dance alive.

Watch the video here:

You can watch the original Hawa Hawai here:

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