UP Minister Calling Sonakshi Sinha A 'Dhan Pashu' Means The Sexist Trolling Continues

While on a Kaun Banega Crorepati episode, Sonakshi Sinha had been asked about who does Hanuman get the sanjeevani booti for?

Sonakshi Sinha probably didn’t know what she was signing up for when she decided to participate in  an episode of Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) . #SonakshiSoDumb was Twitter India’s top-trend over the weekend, when a clip began to circulate where the actor is unable to answer a question based on the Ramayan. Now, things have gone one step ahead after UP minister Sunil Bharala reportedly called Sinha a dhan pashu (money animal), going on to generalise that ‘these people spend no time on learning, and only care about making money’. Something that began with a sexist vigour, has now hit a new low.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Bharala holds a ministerial rank as the chairman of the Labour Welfare Council, and he was quoted as follows – “In modern times, these people are only after money. All they care about is earning money and spending that money on themselves. They have no knowledge of history and gods. They have no time for learning. Nothing can be sadder than this.”

While on the reality quiz show, Sinha had been asked about who does Hanuman get the sanjeevani booti for? After using a lifeline, Sinha gets the right answer – Lakshman, something that surprises even host Amitabh Bachchan. He says considering Sinha’s father’s name – Shatrughan was based on the Ramayan, he had hoped her to know the answer.

Soon enough, Sinha began to be trolled for not remembering the details of the Hindu epic. Something the actor took sportingly, by hitting back with a tweet revealing a lot of other things she didn’t remember. She invited the trolls to make more memes on her, something she said she really enjoyed.

Alia Bhatt was the butt of similar jokes, when she incorrectly named Prithviraj Chauhan as the President of India, on a Koffee With Karan episode. But while the jokes around Bhatt were  not nearly as mean-spirited as this, Sinha has had to bear the brunt of Twitter’s right-wing troll army, who haven’t shied away from misogynistic jibes against the actor for not knowing her Ramayan. Bharala’s comments are proof.