Two people smoke, only Mahira Khan gets trolled. Why does Ranbir Kapoor get a free pass?

If you can't grow up internet, at least learn to be fair when you litter our timelines with juvenile judgement on the life of public figures

The morning began with some photos of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan showing up on the internet and entire hell broke loose. The photos have created a sensation, a) because it shows Ranbir and Mahira chilling out together and b) it shows the actress smoking a cigarette. A woman smoking is a big deal anyway. Here, it became much bigger a deal since the photos had a Pakistani woman smoking and that too in an Indian man’s company. What has also not gone down well with people is the fact that Mahira was wearing a short dress and that there was a ‘mark’ on her back (which people think is a love-bite, apparently).

So, while the people on social media are busy talking about many things, Ranbir and Mahira have caught their attention for all the above reasons. What is disgusting though amid all the gossips is people are indulging character assassination of the actress. From calling her a slut to shaming her for ‘having a deal’ with Ranbir, haters have used all tricks to pull Mahira Khan down. More hypocritical is the fact that while Mahira can be seen facing the entire brunt of these critics, there’s no word against Ranbir. Come on, he is also seen smoking and has been spotted with the woman, you are busy trolling!

Sample these cringe-worthy Tweets:

And then there were some who were just concerned about how good the two were looking together!

Do you have a problem even if they are hooking up, though?