Twitter taught KRK a lesson for trashing Sachin: A Billion Dreams. Read his review of the film

Sachin: A Billion Dreams released today and KRK aka Kaamal Rashid Khan took to Twitter to give his review of the film based on life of Sachin Tendulkar

Kamaal R Khan, the self-proclaimed critic of Bollywood, has seen Sachin: A Billion Dreams and doesn’t have good things to say about the biopic on Sachin Tendulkar. Taking to his Twitter account, KRK wrote that he could not ‘jhelo’ the movie, that traced the journey of Sachin becoming the God of cricket. However, KRK seemed to go back on his words when he tweeted about the occupancy in theatres this morning. Earlier Kamaal Rashid Khan had said that the movie was shot old videos and made it a boring watch. This tweet of his was posted on 23 May.

But, this morning KRK had a different opinion about Sachin: A Billion Dreams. Talking about the figures, KRK said the movie got a bigger opening that MS Dhoni: An Untold Story despite not having a hero or the essential Bollywood elements of song and dance. KRK then went to compare MS Dhoni: An Untold Story and Sachin: A Billion Dreams. 

As soon as KRK posted the tweet, fans of Sachin took to Twitter to slam and abuse him. In fact, in another tweet KRK said that he hasn’t watched the movie since sitting for a three-hour long documentary isn’t his cup of tea.

“It’s proof that film #Dhoni business was just coz of Dhoni, not Sushant. Film Raabta will decide Sushant’s stardom. If Sachin’s documentary will do such a fantastic business then Kapil, Sehwag, Kohli, Gambhir n all others will make their documentary soon.Still, nobody else biography can be more interesting than mine which has all Masala like sex, crime, romance, underworld, business, Bollywood etc (sic),” KRK’s tweets read.

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To this tweet here is how Twitter reacted:

Here is what KRK tweeted after receiving flak:


And his tweets from this morning:

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Well, Kamaal Rashid Khan’s review on Sachin: A Billion Dreams, will do less to deter the movie’s run at the Box Office. The movie has got brilliant reviews from other critics. This movie takes us on a nostalgic trip and reminds us of the good memories that Sachin created. The movie tells about the lesser known facts about the life of Sachin Tendulkar and is definitely worth a watch.

As far as KRK is concerned, when is was he taken seriously by real lovers of Indian cinema? Never, we think.

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