Twitter isn't happy with 'bhakt' Anupam Kher's appointment as FTII Chief, because 'Kejriwal is a better actor'

Twitter is having fun with the news of Anupam Kher becoming the new FTII Chief, after Gajendra Chauhan. But, not without the mention of Arvind Kejriwal

Actor Anupam Kher has been appointed as the new chairman of The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). He has succeeded Gajendra Chauhan, another actor who ran the Institute for one year three months. The news has come as a relief for the students of FTII who had protested loud against Chauhan’s appointment. The students deemed him unfit for the position questioning the kind of work done by him in the past. They also feared the institution being ‘saffronised’ with Chauhan taking over as the chief.

However, the actor who is more popular for playing Yudhishtir in Mahabharata on TV, always maintained that he intends to make FTII function better. In fact, when asked about the work he had done after his appointment, Chauhan had stated that he has worked more than enough in a short-term period. Talking to a portal, he claimed:

I got a tenure of one and a half year. I have tried to address the key concerns. FTII had a zero year for two consecutive years. This year we made sure that the previous batches completed their diplomas and we conducted the admission process for the new batch. We constituted the revised syllabus, bought new equipments, addresed the discipline issues, made 75% attendance compulsory. The construction plan of new studios is principally approved. I think this is more than enough for the small tenure I could serve.

Now with the change in the leadership, it will be interesting to see how Anupam Kher makes the institute’s functioning better. Meanwhile, Twitter, of course, is having its time by acknowledging Kher’s ‘political inclination’ being one of the reasons behind his new role. Here’s how most Twitteratis have chosen to react to the news: