Tiger Shroff & Shraddha Kapoor's Dus Bahaane 2.0 In Baaghi 3 Puts The 'Bad' In 'Badass'

Vishal-Shekhar's Dus Bahaane had an effortless coolness going for it, and just because you own the rights to the song... you ruined it completely.

Why Bhushan Kumar? Why must you do this? Who hurt you? Granted that your YouTube channel has the most subscribers on the whole planet, and therefore you have the most clout in the Hindi film music industry. But why did you feel the need to remix a beloved song from barely 15 years ago? Vishal-Shekhar’s Dus Bahaane had an effortless coolness going for it, and just because you own the rights to the song… you did what Bollywood always does. Overproduce it to the point where nobody can’t tell the difference between Dus Bahaane 2.0 and any of those random songs from Street Dancer 3D.

With your 128 million YouTube subscribers and all the resources at your disposal – can’t you commission a half-decent dance song instead of just ripping off someone else’s work? Did anyone really need another song to see Tiger Shroff’s (frankly) one-note acrobatics masked in the form of dance? A dance that does so little to express, and goes through the same pop-and-lock routine like a robot would?

Also, why is your imagination so limited when it comes to the colour palette of your music videos? It’s the same old bling-y nonsense, with disco balls hanging in smokey indoor sets, where the stars are wearing similar bling-y outfits. Why does a second-rate remix like this require scores of phoren-looking backup dancers? What are you trying to reverse time and take us back to those godawful YRF music videos from the mid-2000s?

Why not trust other experts to do their job with an *honest* original song? What is this minimum-effort-maximum-profit sweatshop business India’s biggest music label is running? You’ve scared away a majority of Bollywood’s top composers like AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to other labels like Eros Now or SaReGaMa. Please stop desecrating old songs, support originality. Yes, even if it means making a bad song.