These unbelievable action scenes from Mithun da's films will leave you in a state of shock

Mithun Chakraborty, the best action star of our times celebrates his birthday today. Here we tell you why is he so special

Today is Mithun Chakraborty aka Mithu da’s 67th birthday. The veteran actor has essayed versatile roles in an illustrious career spanning four decades, winning three National Awards including one on his debut. He has acted in films in several languages and judged a dance reality show. When he was not beating the hell out of villains, our Mithun Da would serenade his love interests through his dance moves. His feet tapping skills earned him the title of Disco Dancer, incidentally one of his successful films.

The millennials often swoon over present-day actors flaunting eight-pack abs and taking on the villains. Action directors from Hollywood are roped into direct fight sequences to outsmart Hollywood films. No offense to them as they are doing their work extremely well. But, for those who grew up in the 1990s, Mithun da arguably remains the ONLY ACTION STAR (bold and capital). The common man’s hero who would save the woman’s honour, fight against corruption and for law-breakers was synonymous with death. While our brethren in the West took pride in flaunting about the stardom of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Bruce Lee, Mithun da was all rolled into one. And that too without undergoing rigorous workouts in the gym. He was an epitome of Tabaahi, possessed Zahreela fingers and vowed to put an end to Mafia Raj in the country.

Here are 3 solid reasons that make Mithun Chakraborty a true action star with a lethal swag. Before proceeding further, disagreeing with the point of view should share the post on social media even if they hate doing so. After all, it’s his birthday.

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A born fighter

As said earlier, Mithun da portrayed a Robin Hood-like stature in most of his films. Ardent fans of this FTII alumnus would remember this dialogue from his cult film Gunda,”Kasam khaa kar aa gaya hai inteqam ka yeh angaara, bajaoonga aaj teri maut ka nagada”. It is roughly translated as “Here comes your nemesis with a vow of revenge, I’ll beat the drum in the name of your death.”

Now watch this. It is not for faint-hearted as visuals are disturbing.

Where did he learn that fatal move? Any guesses?

Everything is a weapon

In his films, Mithun da possessed skills unheard by humanity before. He could kill the baddies with anything, even a piece of meat. This scene from his film Zahreela wherein the action star unleashed mayhem in a restaurant.

Mankind’s answer to God

Have you seen a man who drills a hole in the wall using his fingers? Or, handles the steering wheel of a jeep with his feet while firing indiscriminately at his rivals. Last but not the least, you will be flabbergasted to know Mithun da hid behind a bicycle to defend himself from a volley of bullets fired at him.

If this was not enough, watch this one.

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