The Ultimate Playlist For The Different Stages Of Every New Year Party

This playlist of 20 songs has something for each stage of a party. Bookmark and forward it to seven people on your list for good luck!

It’s that time of the year when you’re obviously running last-minute errands for the house party on New Year’s eve. Pretty sure you’re busy picking up those dips for the chips, the mixers… so we’ve got your playlist for the evening sorted. One less thing to worry about. The following playlist has songs for all of the various stages that a house party generally goes through. Bookmark this and forward it to seven people on your list for good luck!

Stage I – The Usual Suspects
Everyone’s excited and looking forward to the evening, and so the party begins with the usual chartbusters from the past few years. This is the time when the party gathers momentum and everyone’s feet are tapping, even through whole conversations with one another. These are the typical dance songs that compliments everyone’s cheer.

1. Kar gayi chull

2. Ghungroo

3. Nashe si chadh gayi

4. Bom diggy diggy

5. Kala chashma

Stage II – Nostalgia
Slowly, the playlist moves on to songs that trigger a whole lot of emotions. It’s no more about just the cool vibe of the party, the song reminds you about the good old days of MTV and Channel V, when you sat with rapt attention waiting for the VJ to play your favourite song. Those were the days…

1. O sanam

2. Dooba dooba

3. Dhoom pichak dhoom

4. Sayonee

5. Tanha Dil

Stage III – Cringe
Everyone is several drinks down by now, and nostalgia just isn’t cutting it. Furniture is being moved around, so that there is room for us to showcase our moves. How else will we be able to channel our inner Suniel Shetty? Oh, and whenever the energy seems to be dropping, there’s always a Govinda song around the corner.


2. Hai hukku hai hukku

3. Husn hai suhana

4. Saat samundar

5. Jhaanjhariya

Stage IV – Existential Crisis in Da Hauz
It’s nearly four am, and half the party has left to catch up on some sleep. Those who remain have had more than their quota of alcohol, and mobile phones are slowly coming out and texts to estranged exes are being composed. For that part of the evening, what better can you do than the searing vocals of Arijit Singh or a Mohit Chauhan.

1. Channa mereya

2. Tujhe bhula diya

3. Sunn raha hai na tu

4. Koi fariyaad

5. Naam hai tera… tera

Happy 2020 y’ll, have lots of fun and it won’t hurt to also behave responsibly.