The Fault In Our Casting: Sushant Singh Rajput In A Teenage Love Story?

John Green's hero in The Fault in Our Stars is a 17-year-old teenager. So has the story been altered for the desi version?

Bollywood is all set to remake another iconic Hollywood flick, The Fault in Our Stars, based on John Green’s book of the same name. This unpretentious love story released in 2014 and became an instant cult classic thanks to Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort’s heart-warming portrayal of teenaged love. The protagonists’, Augustus and Hazel’s innocent yet tragic love story was a tear-jerker that almost everyone loved.

While ‘getting inspired’ isn’t a new Hindi film trait, this is the first major adaptation of a mainstream Hollywood film based on an equally popular and one cannot help but be anxious about it. Director (and famous casting director) Mukesh Chhabra has finalised the star cast of the desi version of TFIOS and guess what? Looks like he’s already misfired by quite a bit. The lead pair in the original book are 16 (Hazel) and 17 (Augustus) years old.  So while lead actress Sanjana Sanghi, a young 21 year old Delhite somewhat fits the bill, we’re not sure how her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput, 32, is the best choice for a ‘teenage’ love story.

Let’s admit it, casting a 32-year-old man as a young school/college boy is just straight up creepy unless the story is being altered to justify the age disparity. Which will take away the innocence and the adorable naivety of first love, won’t it?

While Twitter hasn’t noticed this yet, most people are in jitters because their favorite novel is at stake:

Whaddya think?