Taking patriotism to another level: Akshay Kumar joins hand with government to build app for soldiers' help

Standing up for such a noble cause proves that Akshay Kumar is not only a hero in reel life but real life as well. Here are the details

Just two days before the Republic Day, Khiladi Akshay Kumar took to Twitter and shared his perfect solution to help the Indian soldiers. The actor, who has always been vocal about all the major issues in our country has come up with a plan to provide financial support to the families of the martyrs.

And it seems like the government is also in support of Akshay and together they are tying up to create a web application, through which people can directly send money to the bank account of the martyr’s family. And the link to the app will be publicised on the ministry’s website.

Akshay Kumar posted a video on Twitter a few days ago and addressed the issue with utmost sincerity. He said that there are many of us who want to help the families of the martyrs, but we don’t know how to reach them. So, on Friday, the actor visited the ministry to discuss the proposal with home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi and it was decided that experts from the ministry and Akshay’s team will come together to develop the app.

The idea is to donate money as per your wish directly to these accounts and once the amount reaches Rs 15 lakhs in each account, it will automatically be closed and removed from the website. This way, we can help them and contribute to the society.

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Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar
(Courtesy: IANS)

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According to TOI, BSF DIG in Jaisalmer Amit Lodha said:

Though government websites offer options to extend financial help to martyr’s kin, these are not well-publicised. Also, officialdom delays the process. The app will simplify things, with the home ministry website and Akshay’s involvement as a brand ambassador offering it wide publicity.

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Standing up for such a noble cause proves that Akshay Kumar is not only a hero in reel life but real life as well.